VCM II only two diagnostic device software freshest may be current to be able to V91. Even so, VCMII V91 software assembly have to have spend additional interest to be able to determine set up efficiently.


It is possible to go through the beneath OBSERVE prior to deciding to set up the ford V91 software.


one. You can find simply after possiblity to set up the V91 software on one pc.

Should you set up the ford vcm 2 software on one pc, three days and nights soon after, a person didn’t obtain the induce that will Demo intended for three days and nights, Meaning the V91 software assembly during this pc will be were unable.

A person can’t set up the V91 software on the similar pc once again.


only two. VCM only two V91 software di not necessarily help support WI-FI COMPATABILITY. To help you to simply be connected by simply OBD.


three. In case you set up V91 software along with Freezing software on one pc, that will pc can’t set up another software.


several. In case you set up vcm ii ford software along with Freezing software, should you can’t continue use these people immediately after three days and nights, pls. opposite the pc time period to become the day a person set up the software.

You then can certainly continue to apply the software ordinarily.