Q1: Can Mb Star Compact C4 Xentry supprt My own SKL?

A1: Without a doubt, it will. Here's this help truck list:

Arocs(964), Antos(963), Actros(963), Actros2. 3 or more, Atego(967), Atego II, Axor II, Econic (956), Econic, Zetros, Actros, Atego Light, Atego Serious, Axor, SK, MK, LK, ACCELO, LN, HSK, L 98, FPN M96, FPN M2000, HPN M96, Atron, HPN M2000, SKL, FSK and also long run much more type line.


Q1: Can C4 works with multi vocabulary?

A1: Vocabulary help:

Words, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, End, People from france, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Western, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, The spanish language, Swedish, Turkish, Offshore


Q3: How to installation Xentry computer software?

A3: Step 1 Shut most of anti-virus computer software when installing this computer software. In that case go this Xentry computer software seeing that underneath. Go Xentry starup.

Below shows up this Mb Star C4 Diagnostic car selection menu. Pick TRUCK throughout Type selection window.

MB SD C4 XENTRY Mercedes Benz Truck designs are list below.

Pick car, as an example LKW. Pick out Programmed gain access to utilizing type line.